What to Expect from Manuscript Editing

When you send me your manuscript to edit, I will work through it taking notes, making changes, and leaving comments. I might even go through it a few times to study layers of plot development, sentence clarity, and grammar. The Microsoft Word Track Changes feature will record every change so you don’t miss a thing.




For every significant change, I will attach a comment to explain why I changed what I did. Even if you decide not to keep a change, you can see your writing from another perspective. You will learn how to make your writing stronger in the future.



At the end of line editing and manuscript evaluations, I’ll type up some final thoughts on the whole of your manuscript. This will be any notes I took that didn’t seem to make sense as a comment within your manuscript. I will send it to you in a separate document for your review.

You are in total control of what you get out of manuscript editing. I can be your personal tutor explaining my suggestions in detail, or I can just correct your spelling and grammar before it heads to print. No matter what, I’m here to listen to your needs and give you the best value for your investment.

Check out the services I offer, or contact me to see how I can best help you!