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What is becoming a professional author worth to you?

Imagine: You’ve spent hundreds of hours planning, writing, and rewriting your book. You gave it an incredible-looking cover. You plan a book launch, and release your book into the world full of excitement and expectation.

But after a month, only three people have purchased your book. And one of them is your grandma.

How can you know what went wrong? What could you have done before all of this to set your book up for success?

What if you had a personal guide to help you identify and help you avoid things that could prevent you from selling your novel? That’s where I come in: When you work with me, I am going to set you up for success with this book, and with your whole career as a professional author.

Can You Make Money as a Fiction Author?

You bet you can.

Anyone who isn’t finding success in the modern book market has one of three problems:

  • They’re relying on outdated advice. The publishing industry has drastically changed in the last 15 years. In the 1980s, your best chance of being an author was 1. query, 2. hope, 3. repeat. That is no longer the case. Your success is in your own hands.
  • They don’t recognize that being financially successful as an author takes more than just writing. Being a professional author in the modern world is almost a whole new field. It used to be about writing a manuscript and query letters. Now the job has transformed into writing a manuscript and starting a business. And writers who are willing to do what it takes are finding success.
  • They don’t know how to make this new system work for them. With independent publishing still in its infancy, there’s all kinds of incomplete or conflicting advice out there. There’s advice on how to write and sell your book that assumes the market is still like it was 70 years ago. There’s some good advice in bits and pieces scattered all across the internet. It’s hard to find someone who can guide you through the whole process thinking about authorship as the modern business that it is.

A New Kind of Editor for a New Kind of Author

When I accept your application to work with me, we’ll go through this simple 3-step process to make sure you are going to walk away equipped to start your own author business. Here’s what that looks like:

1. Discuss and identify your goals.

After I first review your manuscript, we’ll talk about what your dreams for your complete book are. We’ll answer questions like

  • What genre should it be?
  • Who are your ideal readers?
  • What kind of tone or voice are you trying to achieve?

Once I clearly understand what you want for your novel, everything I do after that will be to help you accomplish your goals for your book.

2. Build up the novel around your goals and talents as a writer.

As we go through the editing process, I’m going to be focused on two things: (1) what you want, and (2) what you’re best at. I’ll look specifically for what it is about your writing that I think will set you apart from other authors. I’ll show you what about your writing will draw readers in. Then I’ll show you how to build up your novel around those strengths.

Instead of trying to make your novel become the way I would write it, I’ll show you how to write your novel the way readers want it to be written. There’s a gorgeous point where your novel is both what you want and what your ideal reader wants, and that’s where editing will take it.

3. Create a strategy for success.

Once the book is written and edited, you need a plan for how to get your book in readers’ hands. This is where being an author truly becomes a business.

If you’re like 95% of self-publishing authors, you don’t have any idea where to start with marketing your book. After 5 years of studying marketing and paying attention to the state of the industry, I can help you develop a business plan for this book and the ones you haven’t written yet. Want a hint?

Social media is NOT the best way to market your book.

What is?

Word of mouth and loyal fans.

Together, we’ll build a strategy that works for you to sell books using that elusive but golden word of mouth. You won’t have to feel guilty for using dishonest sales tactics. You won’t spend countless hours tweeting the Amazon link only to get lost among millions of other books. You’ll just get results.

I’ll be honest: it’s not going to be instantaneous, and it’s not going to be easy. But if you’re passionate about making it happen, you can make it happen.

Why don’t you decide for yourself?

Send me an application, and you’ll get a free sample edit and consultation. See how I can catch your vision for your novel and give you practical strategies to make it even more like you dreamed it would be. Get an idea of how I’ll be able to help you start your career as a professional author on the path to success.

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What’s stopping you?


Are you afraid that you’re not a good enough author or marketer to be a professional author? That’s not a problem: You’re going to learn all of the skills you need to get started. I’ll walk you through the process from writing, to editing, to publishing and marketing.

Still not sure? Apply to talk to to me. I’ll only accept you if I know that I can help you get where you want to be. If I accept your application, I have 100% faith in you.


Yes, it’s going to take a lot of time and hard work at the beginning. But what is it worth to you to earn a living doing what you love? What would it feel like to be passionate about what you do all day and proud to tell people what you do for a living? You’ll be able to build your income from nothing to a salary that you can live off of comfortably. That’s a decision you won’t regret.


What could I show you that’s different from what millions of other wanna-be authors are doing? It’s a fair question. The biggest difference is that other authors are hoping to find success by chance. I’m going to show you how to achieve success for yourself. And you know what else?

A sample edit and consultation costs nothing.

You can see for yourself whether my expertise is going to help you without ever touching your credit card. Normally I would charge around $120 for this, but you’re going to get it for absolutely nothing. That’s how confident I am that you’re going to see how valuable what I’m giving you is.

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I can’t wait to hear from you!

Anna Damiano

Editor/Book Coach at Polished Arrow Editing