Your Clear, Personalized Strategy for Success as a Professional Author

Book editing is not just an essential step to a book you can sell and be proud of. When you go through the editing process, you should feel equipped and ready to navigate the self-publishing world, strengthen your personal writing style, and call yourself a professional author.


In a book edit or coaching session with me, you will receive:

  • Practical story-telling skills and tools
  • Patient, easy-to-understand explanations of successful writing techniques
  • Empowerent to create and sell your vision in print
  • Advice and direction to navigate the often overwhelming world of self-publishing
  • A 101 course on the steps to getting your book from your keyboard into your readers’ hands
  • Confidence in your skills and career as an author

There are writing principles that make fiction so good that readers can’t put it down.

These principles are rooted in psychology and proven in the sales of best-selling hits. You could spend years working with little to show for it until you stumble across these principles. Or you can work with me one-on-one while I show you how to use them in the context of your book.

If you’re ready to set yourself up for success as a professional author, apply for a free sample edit or coaching session with me at the link below. Just for applying, I’ll send you a free PDF outlining the easiest way to publish your book and start making sales.

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I can’t wait to hear from you!

–Anna Damiano

Book Editor at Polished Arrow Editing